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Why Choose PCDC For Your Childcare?

About PCDC

At PCDC, We want to hear your child laugh and enjoy their time with us. We want to provide you with a program that will teach your child about the love of Jesus in their lives. Our goal is for your children to learn, grow, and build the kinds of relationships that will guide them throughout their lives. We strive to make them feel safe and cared for.

PCDC provides your child with an immersive, caring, nurturing faith-based curriculum for children from 6 weeks old all the way through 4k. Our strong preschool program sets a solid foundation that will prepare your child for their school years.  We are very proud that our children graduating to 5k continuously test at the highest levels in their new schools. They are prepared for the new experiences life will inevitably throw their way.

Our Mission

The staff of PCDC is dedicated to sharing God’s love through quality childcare and educational programs. In a caring Christian environment, the spiritual needs of children and their moral development are nurtured as an essential part of their growth. PCDC was established to serve the growing needs of the church and neighborhood families, including:

  • Providing a loving and Christian atmosphere.
  • Enabling young children to develop spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically.
  • Providing opportunities for learning and social interaction through a variety of daily activities.
  • Helping children develop socialization skills and healthy self-concepts.
  • Providing the best possible care and supervision while teaching and enriching their lives.

Our son has learned so much since being at PCDC. He loves identifying letters and numbers. He tells us all about space and plants. But, most importantly, he feels loved and he loves his teachers. It’s a sad day when he doesn’t get to go to PCDC!

Jones Family