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Rates at PCDC

Your schedule is set at days per week to ensure we have the correct coverage for all rooms on any day. Your youngest will always receive the full rate and all of your older children attending at that time will be eligible for the reduced rate. Please contact us for current rate information.

Payment is due on the first day of the week attended for any given week and checks are typically cashed towards the end of that week.

Sick Days

We ask that you keep any children with a fever at home, as well as any showing signs of a contagious affliction. Please call our main line and follow the prompts to leave a message regarding the absence. Our childcare professionals will take a temperature and/or assess your child for illness. If necessary, we will call and you will need to pick up your child within an hour. Payment is due for any days missed for any reason.


We ask that you advise your child’s teacher(s) ahead of time for any scheduled time out at least 2 weeks in advance. Payment is due for any days missed for any reason.


Payment is still due for any holidays the fall within your normal schedule.

Maternity/Summer Schedules

Some parents who do not work during the summer or plan maternity leave may change their schedules but must observe a two day per week minimum. If a parent chooses not to use or pay for the minimum attendance requirement, we cannot guarantee your spot in the future and you may need to return to a waitlist.All situations will be discussed with the center Director and worked out at least a month in advance.

Additional Days

If you need to add a day to your normal schedule, we will be happy to assist as long as there is room in your child’s room that day. Please contact the office to determine if there is room for your child. The rate for that week will be your child’s normal weekly rate plus the one-day rate for the additional day your child will attend that week.