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Childcare Programming at PCDC

PCDC offers age-appropriate developmental education programs to help prepare your child for challenges as they grow and head to school. The staff in your child’s room provides you with a daily progress report at pickup. This informs you what lessons occurred that day as well as other day-to-day activity relevant to your child’s age group. This can include meal consumption, nap schedule, diaper changes, or potty training results.

All of our classes provide the following activities:

Learning Centers

The following are some of the learning methods and stations our staff utilizes to provide rich experiences for your child.


Your child will experience art and expression through the freedom of touching, feeling, pulling, twisting, tearing, pasting, scraping, cutting, pounding, shaping and so much more. They develop:

  • Their own creativity and imaginations
  • Feel for form, balance, line, color, and shapes
  • Practice in problem-solving
  • Pre-writing skills by holding and using brushes and crayons, making shapes and filling them in

Music and Story

Music and story time gives your child opportunities to use their entire bodies for learning and exploring their surroundings, build awareness by listening to many kinds of sound.  They develop:

  • Memory Skills
  • New language patterns
  • Prose and vocabulary
  • Expression through creative movement, rhythm, instruments, and singing


This area is where your child can stack and count blocks to help them learn measurements, size, weight, and number concepts.  They develop:

  • How to solve problems
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Ability to compare shapes and sizes

 Dramatic Play

We have dress up clothes, props and child-size furniture that invite your child to make-believe. They develop:

  • Imagination and creativity by re-enacting scenes
  • Improvisation and character development
  • New formats of language and social skills

Math and Science

Your child learns base mathematics and physics through activities that encourage relational thought. They develop:

  • Awareness of concepts such as touch, smells, size, color, number, location, and weight
  • Problem solving
Care that is warm and responsive is essential for your infant’s healthy development. We enhance your baby’s environment with soft toys, colorful books and music.  Babies are rocked and sung to for comfort. Motor skills are worked on during tummy time, learning to roll over and to sit up.

Your toddler is beginning to think through their actions, solve problems and understand language.  They thrive on new experiences, so we provide them with a safe, nurturing environment that allows them to develop naturally, individually and happily.  We also work with your toddler on simple sign language so they can begin to express themselves while they are learning language, and to vocalize

Our two-year-old program encourages appropriate development for your child.  They are ready to explore and discover the world around them.  We spark your child’s sense of discovery by providing a colorful, enriching environment that offers a wide variety of educational toys and materials.  A fun, safe environment filled with self-directed activities gives your little one the independence he or she is so eager to enjoy, while helping to prepare your child to make the transition into preschool.  Because your two-year-old is learning words so quickly and beginning to express thoughts, we utilize activities such as reading out loud, reciting nursery rhymes and singing songs. This enables expansion of your child’s language skills.

At PCDC, we realize choosing the right preschool for your child is significant and exciting.  We want you to feel certain you’re choosing a program that focuses on learning, yet appreciates the significance of fun.  Our robust 3K program prepares your child for their school years and beyond.  Your child will have an atmosphere where they can make friends and share the fun of learning with others.  Our programs include adventurous field trips and the exploration of reading, math, science and writing skills.

This program is offered on a year-to-year basis, pending demand. This class prepares your child for a full week of classes they will encounter starting in kindergarten.